10 December 2013

CTNX 2013

I finally got the time to update after having quite a busy few months. I was very lucky to be able to attend the CTN animation convention this year and not only that but volunteer with the Vancouver Animation School! The experience was no less then amazing. From flying out for the first time on my own to the other side of the world ( I live in the UK) to having the chance to meet all the people who I look up to and admire their craft and just soaking in so much information and experience. I got to talk to people of the industry for portfolio reviews, peers, student, and people thinking of entering that world.
I was also very lucky to get a Disney tour and realize one of my dreams! I really feel like I got best of everything during my short week-end there and can't wait to be able to go again next year!

Disney entrance lobby

Vanas booth with Mario Pochat

Me with a fellow Vanas Student

Portfolio Review with Armand Serrano

We got interviewed by the mayor of Burbank! (11:40)

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