1 December 2014

California and CTNX

Got to see the Oscar shorts contenders (with Dan Lund and Amos Sussigan)
Team Aria reunited for CTNX
Made it to Hollywood
Hanging out with my buddy Baymax
CTN set up
Vanas Booth
"The Last Book Store" in LA
Nightcrawler viewing and Q&A at the Academy
LA's Haunted hayride
The Walk of Fame
Sunny LA

7 September 2014

Morning warm up

Warm up paint from ref #referencepainting #doodle #painting #environment #sketch #conceptart #stephaniedominguez #artistwarmup

11 August 2014

Haunted Barn WIP

W.I.P crop of some ghost cows hanging around a haunted barn #wip #stephaniedominguez #conceptart #barn #cows #ghost #environmentart

15 June 2014

Feather Fans

I had a chance to go to a Burlesque evening for the first time and got inspired by the feather fans routine. Very good show

30 March 2014


I often call my mum a Dodo and one of the things we love to do is have mother-daughter time sight seeing. Happy Mother's day :)

24 March 2014


I'm working on a personal project and trying to figure out the style I want to use and playing with colours. Small trial on some rocks. Feeling the need to push further out my comfort zone.

20 February 2014


Last week I got to attend the Animex Expo taking place at Teesside University in Middlesbough. It is the the largest festival dedicated to animation and computer games in the UK. I was only able to attend the last two day of the talks but it was never the less amazing and really inspiring. I got to meet speakers, students, graduates, making new friends along the way thanks to the "Animex Lounge" evening, and during the Wrap Party on the Friday. If you haven't been I really recommend you plan it for next year! More info HERE

Max Howard's on " How to Pitch Your Idea" talk
Stuart Sumida's ""Twenty-five years after 'Beauty and the Beast' "

James Burr - From University to Previsualisation
Shelley Page - The “Eye Candy” show
All the speakers say fairwell until next year

Dan Lund- "Frozen: The Character of Cold"

Dan and Ed Hooks during dailies for Aria hard at work
Dan Lund and myself

Dan Lund and Ed Hooks

16 January 2014