20 February 2014


Last week I got to attend the Animex Expo taking place at Teesside University in Middlesbough. It is the the largest festival dedicated to animation and computer games in the UK. I was only able to attend the last two day of the talks but it was never the less amazing and really inspiring. I got to meet speakers, students, graduates, making new friends along the way thanks to the "Animex Lounge" evening, and during the Wrap Party on the Friday. If you haven't been I really recommend you plan it for next year! More info HERE

Max Howard's on " How to Pitch Your Idea" talk
Stuart Sumida's ""Twenty-five years after 'Beauty and the Beast' "

James Burr - From University to Previsualisation
Shelley Page - The “Eye Candy” show
All the speakers say fairwell until next year

Dan Lund- "Frozen: The Character of Cold"

Dan and Ed Hooks during dailies for Aria hard at work
Dan Lund and myself

Dan Lund and Ed Hooks

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